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The simplest attendance
management solution
your business

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Create an account on Prezence

Enroll members, enable attendance tracking using Prezence QR Code
Beacon or Face Recognition

Installation Guidelines

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Mobile app for business owners and administrators

track attendance from mobile


Mobile app for employees/staff/contractors in an organization

Low cost

attendance made easy

Get started

Setup the Prezence account for your business and enroll members

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qr based attendance
Procure Prezence QR Code

Create Locations, Geo-fence if required and claim the QR codes

What's Prezence QR Code


qr based attendance
Activate Face Recognition

Upload members face image and map them to geo-fenced locations

Face Recognition....more


low-cost attendance

Procure Beacon

Get 1 or more Beacon and claim it for your business

What's Beacon
quick attendance

    Mobile app-based presence
    management solution

    No on-premise server infrastructure needed All presence and workflorce data securely stored on the cloud (AWS, in local data centers)

  • Prezence Web Portalㅤ

       Customer Web Portal (for Prezence    customers)             

  • Prezence (Android,  iOS)

    - For Business Owners / Administrators

    - Enroll Employees
    - Claim Prezence QR Code
    - For use by Business Owners/Administrators
    - View and monitor all Employee’s presence data on prezence app/portal

  • MyPrezence (Android,  iOS)

    - For Employees

    - Tap and mark a Beacon Swipe OR
    - Scan QR Code for Marking Presence
    - Re-Swipe if its enabled for your Organization
    - View Reports of Swipe Time and location                                               

Prezence App for Business Owners

Android App   IOS App   

MyPrezence App for Members

Android App   iOS App   

Common Questions

track attendance

Prezence is a Mobile App based presence/attendance management solution (available for both iOS and Android from respective stores)

Business owners / administrators download the
'Prezence - easy attendance' mobile app. OR access the portal and signup to create an account

Employees / staff / contractors download the
'MyPrezence' mobile app.

Sign Up to Create a New Account on , receive a Email which encloses the Prezence QR Code.

Require a printed QR Code (Buy Now)
Fill and submit the contact us form below and we will get in touch with you.

Signup on Prezence, buy Prezence enabled Beacon from Amazon (Buy Now)
Fill and submit the contact us form below and we will get in touch with you.

A New location can be created from the Prezence App or Portal. A QR Code is generated for each location.

Create locations, tag Prezence QR Code / Beacon as required for the location.

Yes, against each user there is an option to enable/disable swipe sources

Yes, a user can mark attendance from multiple sources of swipe

          Prezence App FAQ    MyPrezence App FAQ