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- Check your phone connectivity
- The phone number entered while inviting the member should be correct
- Ensure your phone date and time is set to automatic, to allow the phone to automatically adjust the time zone based on users location.

If this message is appearing for many users at a particular location, admin needs to reconfigure/reclaim the QR Location.

In Prezence App, select Locations and tap the top right "+" icon, choose the option Claim Prezence QR and scan the QR of that particular location ( Phone GPS picks the latitude and longitude of the location from where the QR is getting claimed.)

Check on their phones if there is any update of Google maps then head to Settings on Android phone, select location in maps, enable Use precise location which shows your real-time geolocation

This means you organization has not enabled this feature for you or it could be disabled at the organization level. Kindly contact your administrator to enable it

Check app notification settings - head to Settings on Android phone, select app settings in MyPrezence app and enable notification permission.

Its a space for employees to add comments and attachments, The ability to attach an image as proof of work can also be useful in providing context and additional information about the work being performed

On Prezence portal, under advanced settings enable sources for which you require the form to appear after a swipe.