Prezence - FAQ



Tap on the ‘+’ icon on the top right of member screen. Add Name, Employee ID and Contact Number of members. ( Note: the Employee ID field cannot be edited later on.)

An existing member cannot be deleted but can be deactivated so that they do not list under active members. On the member screen, tap on the member you wish to de-activate, this opens the member details screen. Select the top right most icon, confirm de-activate, the selected member will then list under inactive.

On claiming a QR code it gets activated and mapped to your organization. QR Code needs to be scanned from the “Claim Presence QR Code” screen

On the Swipe Source screen tap on the top right icon and select the option “Request Prezence QR Code”. Submit the form and our team will do the shipment after confirming the request

Each location is assigned a QR Code and all members of the organization at a location can scan that QR Code.

Any invited member can swipe a QR Code. There is no limit to the number of users.

For QR’s that are tagged to a location, members need not have to scan the QR each time. They can reswipe provided this option is enabled at the organization level and the user who swipes is within the set location radius.

Phone GPS picks the latitude and longitude of the location from where the QR is getting claimed.Admin needs to Reconfigure the QR Location by scanning the QR code from the Prezence app.

Notify All Swipes - Admins can choose to receive notification as and when a member swipe Notify First Swipes - Receive notification for each member only first swipe of the day.

This user can request the organization admin to do a data correction from the portal.

Your organization needs to procure a Prezence Beacon and claim it for users to mark swipes using the beacon